4ª temporada: TBA

A Quarta temporada começou em 1 de outubro de 2012 Saída 9B, e é o segundo especial de Halloween.

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80 "Exit 9B" Calvin Wong

Toby Jones Andres Salaff Madeline Queripel

1 de outubro, 2012

401-402 3.047[71]

Mordecai e Rigby devem salvar o Parque do filho CCB CGBJ em [dublado] Thomas o novo trabalhador do parque chega para encontrar Benson. Mãe dele  ligou mas no final da ligação o parque foi atacando por raios velmelhos acento em Fantasmão em Benson em Pairulito aqueles raios veio do filho do CCB acento em Saltitão e Musculoso e Mordecai e Rigby escaparam com a máquina do tempo de Rigby. 2 meses depois todos os trabalhadores do parque estas com novas identidades porque aqueles raios apagaram todas as memórias deles. Musculoso trabalha como professor de física, Fantasmão como entregador de pizzas, Saltitão como iderenta carros, Pairulito como saltuário de borboletas e Benson como contruindo da Saida 9B, Mordecai e Rigby aparecem com máquina do tempo destruída. Eles tem que achar Saltitão. Ele não esta na casa dele. Mordecai e Rigby acha ele na oficina dele. Saltitão não conhece ele. Rigby dá um tapa na cara de Saltitão. Ele enforca Mordecai e Rigby [[[Rigby]] diz: "lembra a única mulher que você amou"]. Saltitão recupara a memória [como nos capitulos anteriores como [[[A Força]]] [[[Socos Mortais]]] [Essa É Minha Música] lá no topo.

81 "Starter Pack" Benton Connor

Hilary Florido

October 8, 2012 403 1.859[72]

When Thomas's welcoming is going on everyone pranks him. Muscle Man continues to prank Thomas. Mordecai and Rigby try to stop Muscle Man. Thomas doesn't seem to mind all the pranking. Mordecai and Rigby then prank Muscle Man and say Thomas did it. Muscle Man grows furious and chases Mordecai, Rigby and Thomas. Thomas gets in his car and drives away. Muscle Man picks up a shed and throws it at Thomas's car. Mordecai and Rigby think Thomas is dead. In reality, he is hidden behind some bushes off-screen. Thomas calls his mom and asks for her car.

Songs: "Toasts of the Town" by Mötley Crüe

82 "Terror Tales of the Park II" Sean Szeles

Kat Morris Benton Connor Hilary Florido

October 15, 2012 404-405 3.109[74]

Mordecai and Rigby tell scary stories during a drive to a Halloween party with Benson, Thomas, High Five Ghost, Pops, Muscle Man and Skips. Rigby complains about how long it will take to get there so Mordecai begins to tell a story.

Payback (told by Mordecai): Mordecai is at a bowling alley with Rigby, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost, and his Uncle Steve. Mordecai keeps winning every round, much to everyone's annoyance, and he gives Uncle Steve five bucks to pay for another round, in which he consented to. While dancing with joy, Mordecai accidentally bumps into Uncle Steve, causing him to get sucked inside a ball return, killing him instantly. After the funeral, Mordecai is overwhelmed with the guilt of killing his uncle. Later that night, he begins having hallucinations about his Uncle Steve's ghost, as well as a nightmare. Uncle Steve's ghost soon chases Mordecai and, eventually, Rigby out of the house and into the cemetery, but in reality, he only wanted to return the five bucks that he lent him earlier.

This story scares Pops, and then Margaret calls Mordecai and asks him where he is. He replies that they were telling scary stories during the trip, which inspires her to tell her own spooky story, via speakerphone. Benson, however, argues about another scary story, to which Margaret replies that this one is funny.

Party Bus (told by Margaret): Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret and Eileen are ready to go to a movie. They try to use a park cart but Benson and Skips need it to patrol for pranksters. Eileen calls a cab, but a party bus shows up. Shortly after getting on the bus, the gang realizes that the bus ages people rapidly, eventually turning them into dust. After futilely trying to stop the bus, Mordecai sets the bus in reverse, reversing the aging process, up to the point to when they are toddlers. The gang then goes to the roof to jump off the bus. They succeed, though they eventually physically regress in age to the point of nonexistence. The bus then deteriorates as well.

This story once again scares Pops, with Benson getting really angry that it wasn't funny. Margaret insists it was due to writing on the bus that said, "This party's killer!". Benson threatens turning the bus around if any more stories are told. Rigby argues, eventually leading Skips to dangerously swerve around a truck into a ditch. After hitching a ride on the tow truck, and everybody insisting on one more story, Benson agrees to a story, except that he will be the one telling it.

Wallpaper Man (told by Benson): Mordecai and Rigby draw on the wallpaper, in which their actions greatly infuriate Benson. He orders them to replace all the wallpaper in the house, as the current one is discontinued. They hire a man named Jan to put up the wallpaper. Everything seems okay, up to the point where Jan tries to wallpaper Pops to the wall. After saving Pops, Mordecai and Rigby hear Benson's screams and rush off in a wallpaper maze to try and find him. After finding him and all of the park workers in cocoons on the ceiling, Jan appears, turning into a giant spider. Mordecai and Rigby manage to save the workers (except Muscle Man who was eaten by Jan) though Benson orders them to stay and take care of Jan, as they hired him. Using a package for Muscle Man full of real grenades they manage to blow up Jan, along with the house and themselves.

Everyone comments how lame Benson's story was upon reaching the party, which inspires Rigby to tell a story on how dumb Benson is. Benson, however, objects to it, causing him and Rigby to get into a heated argument. While arguing, Rigby pushes Benson onto the tow truck driver, resulting in the tow truck careening off the road and crashing into a tree. Upon hearing the explosion, the party guests rush outside to see what's going on. As it turns out, the park workers, except Hi-Five Ghost, have all died in the accident and turned into ghosts.

83 "Pie Contest" Sarah Oleksyk

Hellen Jo

October 22, 2012 406 2.616
Mordecai and Rigby sign up to be judges in a pie contest.

84 "150-Piece Kit" TBA October 29, 2012 407 TBA
Benson wants to prove that he performed a famous drum solo.

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